Addax diet

Male addax sexually mature around the age of 2. During pregnancy, ultrasonography showed the uterine horns as coiled.

In the summer, addax diet coat turns almost completely white or sandy blonde. Bedouins use another name for the addax, the Arabic bakr or bagr al wahsh, which literally means the cow of the wild.

Addax Reproduction Male addax reach sexual maturity at 3 years old whereby females mature much earlier at one and a half years. In the day, they dig into the sand in shady locations and rest in these depressions, which also protect them from sandstorms.

Oryx (Antelope)

Food The addax live in desert terrain where they eat grasses and leaves of what shrubs, leguminous herbs and bushes are available.

This species of the antelope family is closely related to the oryx, but differs from other antelopes by having large square teeth like a cattle and lacking the typical facial glands.

Addax live up to 20 years in the wild. Retrieved 13 January They also inhabit deserts with tussock grasses and succulent thorn scrub. Male addax stand from to cm at the shoulder, with females at 95 to cm. International Wildlife Encyclopedia 3rd ed. It is considered one of the slowest runners of the antelopes, perhaps reflecting its adaptation to sandy terrain.

Herds of 10 — 40 individuals are common, however, some herds can contain over animals particularly in Eastern African habitats. Asa, C. The addax are normally not aggressive, though individuals may charge if they are disturbed. The animal runs in a flat gallop and appears stiff-kneed, due to minimal leg flexing while running.

When threatened by predators, the herd forms a front with the large males taking the lead positions while the calves and pregnant females are protected behind the fortress of large males. Predators Decrease in the population of the addax has begun notably since the mids.

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. The name was first used in Where they are found Eland can be seen in most of the game reserves in South Africa.

However, bulls do display territorial or possessive behaviour towards cows during oestrus.The addax are herbivores and their diet consists of desert succulents, leaves, Aristida grasses, herbs, perennials and small bushes (if available). They also feed up on Parnicum grass whereby they will only eat the inner shoots and seeds and disregard the dry, outer leaves.


These seeds provide adequate protein in the addax diet. Addax can survive without water as their thirst is satisfied by the moisture. Die Formel hilft dabei Fußbad Addax enthält ein Komplex von 5 pflanzlichen Extrakten ausgewählten für Ihre Tugenden ergänzen. Der Zypressen und das Beifuß ermöglichen es der mikrozelluläre, Kamille beruhigt bei schmerzenden Füßen und Menthol rafraichit.

The addax is a desert antelope with a coat that turns white in the summer to deflect the scorching sun. Addaxes can go their entire lives without drinking water, and get liquids via their diet. Addax live in desert terrain where they eat grass, and leaves of what shrubs, leguminous herbs and bushes are available.

Their staple diet are the Aristida, Artemisia, Citrullus and Acacia grasses ; perennials which turn green and sprout at the slightest bit of humidity or rain. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of pelleted cereal-based feed in the diet for addax antelope (Addax nasomaculatus) on feed intake and nutrient digestibility.

Four addax females. Assessment of diet composition of free-ranging antelopes.

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Addax diet
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